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The ITE Central Florida Chapter was formed to provide a local forum for transportation professionals to meet and exchange information on a regular basis.

The Chapter has nine goals: 
  1. Advance the objectives of the Institute.
  2. Foster closer associations among the Institute members.
  3. Encourage members to prepare and present papers;
  4. Prepare suggestions on matters of policy to the Board of Direction of the Institute.
  5. Consider local transportation engineering and planning problems and present advice and comment consistent with established Institute policies.
  6. Foster closer association and cooperation with local individuals and groups on matters of common interest.
  7. Encourage transportation engineering and planning education in colleges, universities, and technical schools in the Chapter area;
  8. Encourage high school and post-secondary students to enter the transportation engineering and planning professions.
  9. Encourage and support continuing education courses and programs in the areas of transportation engineering and planning.